Music is at the heart of culture. We are naturally drawn to it and have a very personal relationship with it. While we all appreciate it in different ways, it can really affect us unlike anything else. The magic of classical music and opera cuts across all differences and language barriers in ways that allow for open thoughts, open minds, open hearts and open dialogue. Classical music and opera are essential to all.  Music can heal–sometimes even better than medicine.

Today we are experiencing a rapid shift in our society.  The 4th industrial revolution has been reshaping society at large, bringing a virtual and a digital lifestyle which both expands opportunities and puts at risk of losing touch with ourselves as individuals, as people, as societies. When we experience classical music together especially in a live performance environment, we engage in our deepest selves, we connect to ourselves and each other in this experience in a deeper way.  It is the heart of our culture and our humanity. We need to shape how this core will be defined in our modern era and how it will evolve going forward. We need to bring classical music back into the fabric of our society.

I am driven to define the role of classical music and opera in the innovation-driven, digital world we live in.  I’m leading efforts to restore classical music to where it should be –eliminate its elitist reputation; expand it’s appreciation and engagement; democratize its benefits and opportunity for all; In the world of virtual and digital lives, we need to strengthen and define our culture as a modern generation that has the foundational human depth that classical music has anchored for generations.

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Music X Summit

Yelena was a featured speaker at the first ever Music X Summit at the Leonardo Center for Innovation in New York City. Her performance talk inspired appreciation for opera and classical music, dispelling the elitist reputation of the art forms. Music connects us to ourselves, our community and to humanity. The standing ovation enthusiastically reminded that there’s great beauty and power in classical music that needs to be shared with the world. This is particularly important amid the 4th industrial revolution. Yelena spoke to address the necessary changes needed to ensure innovation for the future of classical music.

World Economic Forum in Davos 2018

Yelena performed at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2018 where she sang and demonstrated the power of music to connect with ourselves and with a greater purpose. The audience of world and industry leaders included many amazing women with the Female Quotient in the Equity Lounge. Inspiring awareness and further conversations about the importance of classical music.